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Being detained, questioned and arrested awaiting trial in Miami is problematic enough! You need an experienced, good affordable Miami FL lawyer! Call now!

Miami Fl Lawyer Affordable | Best Affordable Lawyer In Miami Florida

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Affordable Lawyer in Maim Florida

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The way an attorney decides on their fee is determined by the amount of time that is to be utilized in defending an individual accused of a criminal action in Miami.

For example a Misdemeanor criminal offense in Miami is far less time consuming that a Federal case that is going to be tried by judge and jury.

Another example would be if in a Miami criminal case how much private investigation, deposing of witness, the examination of evidence, to discover evidence and so forth is estimated in general to take.

So the charge by an attorney is based on estimate of time, not on how an attorney feels about a particular case.

Erik Courtney above all else is fair, reasonable and has many different options in regards to compensating him for his time in defending you.

In many case Erik will go by the amount of income you earn and work out a payment plan that you can afford and live with. Erik understands that facing criminal charges in Miami is difficult enough so he does not look to burden you but help you. There is a difference.

If you are in need of the best lawyer in Miami who is also affordable, reasonable and fair then call the law firm of Erik Courtney 24 hours a day for assistance.

Miami Fl Lawyer Affordable | Best Affordable Lawyer In Miami Florida

Miami Fl Lawyer Affordable | Best Affordable Lawyer In Miami Florida

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