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In Miami Florida an aggressive defense is best by a Miami FL lawyer! Erik Courtney is a “FIGHTING TIGER” when it comes to being aggressive. Call right now in Miami!

Miami Fl Lawyer Aggressive | Aggressive Lawyer in Miami | Aggressive

Miami Lawyer
Erik Courtney
Miami Since 1987
In Miami we have “Helped Thousands of People”
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Erik Courtney is a “Extremely Aggressive”

24 HOURS MIAMI 305-324-1918 or Toll Free 1-855-337-8333

There are over 1 (one) million court arrests made in Florida each year and Miami FL is in the top percentile of crime in the nation. This means many people in Miami go to court and that the courts in Miami are crowded.

In Miami a lawyer that is good must aggressively protect and defend your rights against all that transpires in a Miami criminal court case.

From the initial detainment by the police to being interrogated, arrested and taken to jail you have rights under bot the Florida and United States of America constitutions. You have rights of a defendant.

Erik Courtney is a ‘Fighting Tiger” when it comes to defending your rights. Aggressively making sure that you fights are fully protected in accordance to law.

That you are presumed innocent, that you are entitled to due process, that you are entitle to legal representation, have the right to remain silent, not to testify against your self and that you are presumed innocent and treated as such until (if your case gets that far) found guilty by a judge and or jury in Miami.

This is very serious, Erik Courtney has helped thousands of people over the years and will help you. Erik is fair, reasonable and affordable to include many payment plans and options. Call Erik Courtney 24 hours!

Miami Fl Lawyer Aggressive | Aggressive Lawyer in Miami | Aggressive

Miami Fl Lawyer Aggressive | Aggressive Lawyer in Miami | Aggressive

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