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Federal criminal charges in Miami are prosecuted by the United States Federal Government. You need a Miami FL Lawyer to help you in your Miami Florida Federal case!

Miami Fl Lawyer Federal Cases | Federal Court Miami Lawyer | Federal Law

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Erik Courtney Miami Federal Trial Lawyer

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In a Miami Federal criminal court case the United States of America is prosecuting your case. In essence it is you vs. the United States Federal Government.

You have been charged by a United States prosecuting attorney and or assistant attorney that will result in your federal criminal court case entering the Federal judicial process. If you read anything at all we strongly advise you to read the following very carefully.

If you have been charged with a Federal Crime and or violation of a Federal law you need an experienced Federal Defense Trial Attorney to represent you and protect your rights in accordance to the United States constitution.

Criminal defense attorney Erik Courtney is a United States Federal Defense Lawyer having successfully defendant people just like you over the years.

It is important to note that you are accused, not found guilty and it is upon the United States Federal Government to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

At no charge and or attorney fee criminal defense attorney Erik Courtney will review you’re Federal criminal court case looking for violations of United States constitutional rights as grounds for dismissal. Our law firm makes no guarantee that your case will be dismissed, we guarantee aggressively to look into finding grounds if applicable.

Miami Fl Lawyer Federal Cases | Federal Court Miami Lawyer | Federal Law

Miami Fl Lawyer Federal Cases | Federal Court Miami Lawyer | Federal Law

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